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Excerpt from The Jesus Cure

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Excerpt from The Jesus Cure
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Jesus Knows (From Page 64)


Jesus knows.  He knows how you feel.  He’s been there; He’s done that – He has the T-shirt; more than the T-shirt – He has the holes in His hands and feet, as well as the slash in His side.

He knows anger; He tossed the moneychangers out of the temple.  He knows sadness; He wept for a dead friend before He called him back to life.  He knows fear; He sweated blood on the night He was betrayed, tortured, and executed.  He knows joy; He luxuriated in the wide-eyed innocence of the children who clung to Him. 

Yes, Jesus knows.  We have much to learn from Him – much to learn from the example of humanness He set.  Of course Jesus set the bar too high for us, but striving to jump as high as He did should be our only goal.

So let us never forget: Jesus not only died for us – He lived for us.  He walked this earth, breathed this air; He was one of us to show us how to live, how to submit, how to pray, how to forgive, and how to serve.

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