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Dr. Fontaine was interviewed about "The Jesus Cure" by Steve Peroutka on his radio show Institute on the Constitution.  The two-part interview aired on WAVA 105.1 FM at 11.00pm on Wednesday, December 22 and Thursday December 23.  Mr. Peroutka asked pointed questions about the clash of cultures between modern secularism and the Judeo-Christian tradition. 

On Wednesday, January 5, 2005 Dr. Fontaine spent 30 minutes discussing The Jesus Cure on the "Face the Truth" Radio Show.  The show aired on WNAV 1430 AM.  Dr. Fontaine briefly discussed the book and linked its message to the recent Tsunami in South Asia.  The host, Steve Peroutka, questioned Dr. Fontaine about the relevance of the 4 keys (submission, prayer, forgiveness & service) in a culture that encourages self-reliance and competitiveness.  Dr. Fontaine noted that self-reliance and seeking success are not incompatible with living a Christ-Like life – provided our actions are grounded in accord with God’s will for our lives. 


Dr. Fontaine was interviewed on Greg Allen's radio show, The Right Balance on Thursday Februrary 17.  For more information, go to: the


Dr. Fontaine was on Revival Radio in Scotland discussing The Jesus Cure.


Dr. Fontaine appeared on the "Drive Time with Pat Williams show" on March 11.  The shows aired in Florida.


Dr. Fontaine was interviewed on March 11 by Dave and Lisa on their morning show on The FISH radio, Honolulu, HI.


In the month of April, Dr. Fontaine appeared on several national and local radio shows to discuss The Jesus Cure.  He has been heard on stations in Texas, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Colorado.


Maryland Bible Society Sells The Jesus Cure


On June 14, 2005 Dr. Fontaine discussed The Jesus Cure on PM Magazine, Yuma, Arizona.